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101 Color Combinations for Your Next Design + FREE Swatch Download

101 Color Combinations to Inspire Your Next Design + Free Swatch Download

Color sets the tone of any visual, engaging viewers while shaping their perceptions. Whether monochromatic, bright, cool, warm, or complementary, all shades play a role in design.

Finding the right colors for your design can be daunting. That’s why we created 101 color combinations for you to use.

Each color palette is inspired by Shutterstock images and comes with a set of hex codes so you can use them in your website design, social media ads, direct mailers—maybe even your kitchen remodel!

Look out for the palettes already available in our free online editing tool, Create, where you can start designing with them right away in a pre-made template.

Love one of these color combos? Be sure to pin it on your design mood board so you can get inspired later. Scroll to the bottom to get your free swatch download to easily access all of these color palettes in design applications.

A Crash Course in Color Theory

Before you dig into the treasure trove of curated color schemes, it’s helpful to understand what makes them work so well so you can modify/mix/match to make your own! 

Color wheel

The color wheel diagrams the relationship between colors. It’s an essential tool for understanding foundational visual art principles known as color theory.

We’re going to use the color wheel to explain key color harmonies: complementary, analogous, triadic, tetradic, and monochromatic. 

Complementary Color Combinations

Complementary color schemes are comprised of two colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel.

Some complements include red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple. These colors appear more vibrant when paired together, so exercise caution.

Complementary color wheel example

Analogous Color Combinations

This color scheme uses three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, often presented as different tints and shades. These can be paired with a neutral color to round out the palette.

Analogous color wheel example

Triadic Color Combinations

A triadic color scheme uses three colors that are evenly spaced around the wheel, in a triangle shape.

The combination of hues we know as “primary” (red, blue, and yellow) and “secondary” (orange, purple, and green) are examples of triadic harmonies. 

Triadic color wheel example

Tetradic Color Combinations

This color scheme uses two pairs of complementary colors, creating a rectangle on the color wheel. 

Tetradic color wheel example

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Monochromatic color palettes are made up of a single base hue, then extended with that hue’s shades, tints, and tones.

By adding black, white, or gray to a color, you can create a consistent color palette that’s versatile and easy on the eyes.

Monochromatic color wheel example

Monochromatic Color Combos

Let’s start the list with gorgeous monochromatic themes, perfect for a more reserved design. 

1. Comfy & Neutral

Living room chairs and lamps with pastel accents
License this image via Philipp Shuruev.

This color scheme combines a subdued blush tone with perfectly neutral grays to create a feminine and inviting feel.

The range of light-to-dark shades make this a versatile scheme for any design.

2. Mellow Agate

Cross section of agate crystal
License this image via Gluiki.

This agate crystal, inspired by our Natural Luxury trend, is derived from shades of yellow to give a bright sunshine tone.

Use this complete palette to instantly grab the viewer’s attention, or select a single yellow hue to add contrast in your designs.

 3. Misty Greens

Closeup of green raindrops
License this image via FlashMovie.

These vibrant green shades run the gamut of soft and pastel to rich and deep. Try this energizing color scheme in your next nature-inspired design. 

4. Subdued Succulent

Closeup of blue succulent
License this image via Patiwat Sariya.

Cacti and succulents are a force of nature. The popularity of these desert plants is on the rise and will continue to appear throughout the creative realm.

With their calming and fun blue or green hues, they act as perfect color inspiration for your next project.

5. Western Wear

Beautiful boho woman dancing in the desert
License this image via Bogdan Sonjachnyj.

Envelope yourself in this earthy palette with warm, rich brown tones. The range of shades make this scheme practical and versatile, like your favorite sarape. 

6. Emerald Garden

Closeup of tropical leaves under book design text
License this image via Rattiya Lamrod.

This lush look is perfect for a natural, boho, or sustainable brand.

7. Rosy Reds

Closeup of an arrange of various sized pink and red roses
License this image via Gilmanshin.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day year-round with this romantic color theme that combines pretty pinks with a vibrant red.

The berry-inspired black tone adds depth to balance everything out beautifully. 

8. Pink Powders

Makeup brushes and lipstick on a white background, with traces of powder and blush on it
License this image via Plateresca.

Keep it light with this cute color combination of pastel pinks and soft gray. These shades are a beauty must-have.

9. Electric Purples

Fashion portrait of young elegant woman in sunglasses
License this image via MaxFrost.

Neon lights coupled with vibrant hues, coined New Minimalism, continue on the rise as a major trend. Amp up your designs with pops of concentrated color to entice your viewers.

Keep It Cool Color Combos

Cooler colors consist of blues, greens, and purples, giving off tranquil and soothing vibes. By integrating these colors into your designs, you can achieve trustworthiness and calmness.

These colors pair well with warmer hues to provide contrast.

10. Turkish Coffee

Traditional turkish coffee and turkish delight on dark green wooden background
License this image via Nella.

Create a moody atmosphere with this coffee-inspired color combination of dusty teal and coppery colors

11. Color Whirl

Marble oil painting with green, blue, and pink accents
License this image via AlexSurf.

Get whimsical with this electric teal and toned-down pinks. The addition of a deep teal creates vital contrast for dynamic designs.

12. Grunge Graffiti

Art paint on wall for backdrop
License this image via TWStock.

These complementary colors play well together in these desaturated values, atop a neutral gray and paired with a near-black purple.

13. Celestial Green 

Blue green space from the perspective of a planet
License this image via Space creator.

Celestial craters and other galactic beauties are continuing to rise as a dominating trend. Grab inspiration from these dazzling space oddities for a truly out of this world design.

14. Cork Crowd

Closeup of a cluster of wine corks
License this image via Karpenkov Denis.

One of the most popular beverages of the millennia, wine will never go out of style. And, neither will these luscious wine-inspired colors

15. Snakeskin & Scales

Closeup of snake scales
License this image via IS Studio.

It may be hard to spot at first, much like a snake in the grass, but this fashionable critter-inspired scheme is all about subdued complementary colors.

16. Blooming Blossoms

Closeup of spring flowers on a branch
License this image via schankz.

Delicate blue and pink contrast beautifully to a deep red and warm brown in this sakura-inspired color scheme. 

17. Angular Kaleidoscope

Abstract geometric mosaic pattern with polygons and stars
License this image via dinkaspell.

Intricate kaleidoscope patterns prevail as a global trend. Originated by international cultures, these complex motifs are ideal for backgrounds with its symmetrical and seamless characteristics.

18. Raspberry Tart

Top-down view of a raspberry tart with a slice cut out
License this image via j.chizhe.

This tetradic color combination infuses delicious blues with a sumptuous red and cheerful yellow to create a palette anyone would want to take a bite out of. 

19. Vitamin Sea

Wooden beach chairs on a sandy beach overlooking the ocean and blue sky
License this image via BlueOrange Studio.

Can you hear the sound of ocean waves already? Whisk any viewer away with this unmistakable beach-themed color scheme. 

20. Icy Stone

Closeup of marble texture design
License this image via

The delicate and alluring characteristics of the Natural Luxury trend transform any space—home interiors, consumer goods, and so much more.

Add a touch of extravagance to your design by incorporating these dazzling details.

21. Sea Green

Top view of Southern Right Whales in Hermanus, Cape Town South Africa
License this image via Quality Master.

Explore the mysteries of the deep with these equally deep and mysterious nautical blues and greens

22. Peace & Tranquility

Books, flowers, white cup and opened diary on wooden table
License this image via Yulia Grigoryeva.

If hygge could be described in four colors, it would be these. Cozy up with this soft color scheme in your next design.

23. Pure & Pigmented

Top down view of various containers of eyeshadow with marketing ad centered over image
License this image via Olha Vietrova.

Show off your business’s special BOGO sales or advertise new products with a design like this one. Use one of Create’s templates to sport your seasonal giveaways.

24. Soft Watercolors 

Paintbrush paste and paintbrushes on watercolor paper
License this image via NITIKON AEMITTIPOL.

A pop of bright blue adds a bit of oomph to this delicate watercolor-inspired color scheme.

25. Northern Lights

Aurora borealis over a cabin at Great Slave Lake
License this image via Ken Phung.

Recreate this cosmic wonder in your design using bright greens against darker blues.

26. Pool Daze

Watermelon and sunglasses next to pool with white text that says Lazy Sundaze
License this image via Alena Ozerova.

Show some fun summer vibes via social media with a poolside-lovin’ template.

27. Morning Fishermen

Top down view of fishermen working in Thailand
License this image via Kobby Dagan.

The gray undertones of the blues make for the perfect foundation to layer an energetic green and earthy brown-gold.

28. Floral & Fun

3D render of colorful paper flowers
License this image via wacomka.

Paper and digital crafts are an emerging trend that provide realistic, three-dimensional feel to online images.

Go against the grain of flat design by integrating these whimsical images in your next project.

29. Cool Chameleon

Chameleon walking across a branch with a frog underneath him
License this image via Arif Supriyadi.

Steal this cool chameleon’s look with pastel lavender, gray-greens, and subdued blue.

30. Gorgeous Galaxies

Planet with twin rings around it
License this image via acharyahargreaves.

Space’s dazzling qualities continue to reign as a dominant creative trend. Incorporate the breathtaking views of the galactic universe in your designs for added dimension.

31. Bold Ballerinas

Rows of ballet dancers performing on stage
License this image via maratr.

Invoke the action and drama of stage lighting with this peach/blue/purple color combination. 

32. Mountainous Trek

Man with backpack hiking in winter snowy forest landscap
License this image via everst.

Satisfy your wanderlust with this mountain-inspired scheme that includes a snowy gray and blue, as well as a dusty green and brown.

33. Piers & Pelicans

Pelicans on a pier waiting for fish with boats in the background
License this image via Irina Wilhauk.

This tropical teal is accented with a baby blue and mossy green to create a nautical theme.

34. Greek Getaway

Picturesque spring sunset on the famous Greek resort Fira
License this image via Andrew Mayovskyy.

Pair subdued blues with a charming pink and orange to recreate an idyllic sunset in an exotic location.

35. Natural Linens

Colorful women's clothes hang on hangers in a retail shop
License this image via Nattapat.J.

This family of versatile neutrals can add a sense of calm and comfort to your next creation.

36. Foggy Landscape

Christmas themed image with lantern and red gift in the foreground and winter landscape and train in the background
License this image via herryfaizal.

Mystical landscapes create imaginative realms that continue to surface in the creative arena. Take your viewer to an alternate dimension with magical palettes and imagery.

37. Bare Birch

Autumn birch grove among orange grass
License this image via Oleg Znamenskiy.

A rich gold takes center stage in this scheme, combined with a baby blue and high-contrast black.

38. Bundled Yarn

Vintage knitting needles, scissors and yarn inside old wire basket on wooden stool
License this image via Alena Ozerova.

These cuddly colors make for a cozy color scheme, as well as a comfortable cardigan.

39. Ocean Floor

Sea turtle underwater in the ocean
License this image via Rusya007.

Everything’s better down where it’s wetter, especially this complementary color scheme.

40. Desert Beauty

Closeup of green and blue summer cactus
License this image via ED Reardon.

Couple these cacti with important announcements for a striking design.

Use a background image from our infinite stock photo library to start, then customize other assets like graphics and text with the same color palette.

41. Vintage Vibes

Aged and worn vintage photo of motel vacancy sign
License this image via J.D.S.

Evoke a bygone era with this muted rainbow of colors.

42. Central Breeze

The Bow Bridge in Central Park, New York
License this image via John A. Anderson.

This analogous color combination will make your next organic-inspired design a walk in the park.

43. Island Tourist

Handsome man wearing hat, sunglasses, and casual attire sitting on a moped with 70 percent off sticker
License this image via sergey causelove.

Call attention to your next clothing or product sale with this eye-catching design. Plus, you never have to start from scratch when customizing one of Create’s pre-made templates.

44. Blooming Bouquet

Closeup of a woman holding a bouquet of flowers
License this image via Kate Aedon.

Don’t forget something old and something borrowed to go with the baby blue in this new bridal-inspired color scheme.

45. Calming & Soothing

Bath bombs on blue concrete background
License this image via Irina Bort.

This pastel tetradic color theme evokes the sweet sense-memories of your favorite handmade bath bombs.

46. Exterior Blossoms

Window flower box with beautiful blooming flowers
License this image via MARGRIT HIRSCH.

A classic complementary combo, pink and green visually appear brighter together, making this subdued blue a perfect backdrop for the two. 

Bright Color Combinations

Vivid colors are both attention-grabbing and intense. Their bold nature can be overpowering when paired with other rich hues, so use them sparingly.

Complement a bright palette with a dark or neutral counterpart to avoid oversaturated designs.

Concentrated colors often evoke different moods and meanings than their softer or darker equivalents. A navy blue can emit a lack of emotion while a neon blue can incite creativity or cheerfulness.

47. Luminous Lines

Abstract man wearing virtual reality glasses
License this image via Andrush.

Fluorescent hues electrify a simple continuous line drawing. This take on the New Minimalism trend, with concentrated and luminous colors, elevates a seemingly minimalist design.

48. Tropic Popsicles

Summer ice cream assortment of fruit flavors with kiwi and pomegranate
License this image via Lunov Mykola.

You can’t go wrong with these bright, fruity colors combined with a deep slate blue for contrast. 

49. Distorted Abstraction

Fractal background in bright blue, purple and black colors
License this image via Klavdiya Krinichnaya.

An eye-catching electric blue energizes this color palette. But, thanks to its muted companions, it isn’t visually overwhelming.

50. Pops of Neon

Vintage pink neon sign with glass tubes and flaking paint
License this image via Martyn Jandula.

Neon lights add a spark of interest to typography and clean lines, seeking to juxtapose minimalism with retro-futuristic brights for a striking effect.

51. Rainy Views

Closeup of rain on windshield with bokeh street lights in the background
License this image via richchy.

Add richness and depth to your design with this bold complementary color scheme.

52. Arizona Sunsets

Arizona Saguaro cactus at sunset
License this image via John Charboneau.

These desert cacti beauties, when paired with stunning sunsets, give off an air of vibrancy and allure that never goes out of style.

These lovely palettes continue to captivate and dominate the creative world in playful backgrounds and artistic photography, alike.

53. Colorful Bloom

Woman hiding her head behind a bouquet of lilac flowers
License this image via Rohappy.

Make any time springtime with this combination of floral-themed pastel colors. 

54. Pastel Pastries

Closeup of pastel colored macarons
License this image via Stephanie Frey.

These light and airy colors make for a deliciously dainty color scheme.

55. Meticulous Mandala

Seamless pattern of decorative vintage elements
License this image via ViSnezh.

The rich and dynamic hues of this symmetrical mandala make for stylish backgrounds and backdrops.

This globally adored trend, coined Ancient Geometrics, dives into the historic cultural elements of worldwide regions.

56. Cobalt Caves

Natural limestone cave with multicolored lighting in China
License this image via Maciej Bledowski.

Celebrate natural wonders with this cavern-themed scheme.

57. Bright Cityscape

View of old street in quarter Montmartre in Paris
License this image via Catarina Belova.

Bring a little joy to your next design with this cheerful color combination of bright orange, fern green, and petal pink.

58. Luminous Bubbles

Holographic liquid with rainbow bubbles and stains
License this image via local_doctor.

The incandescence of holographic foil adds an unmistakable retro spin to backgrounds and patterns. Add splashes of shimmer or create emphasis with this bubbling creative palette.

59. Poolside Waves

Beautiful young woman wearing a sunhat relaxing in the pool
License this image via Olga Max.

With this summer-ready color combination, the only thing missing is a fruity drink and a towel.

60. Italian Dwellings

Traditional colorful italian houses
License this image via Boris Stroujko.

Go on your own Roman holiday with this pleasing palette of popping colors.

61. Vivid Overlays

Holographic pattern in pink and purple
License this image via DigitalDesign0770.

Evoke a hint of nostalgia with shiny overlays and iridescent patterns.

62. Sunny Scallops

Entire background of colorful scallops of different sizes
License this image via Fotana.

Use these warm, sunny colors to create a design that would turn any beach-comber’s head. 

63. Pastel Patios

Colorful buildings in Buenos Aires
License this image via Mica C Olinghouse.

This laid-back rainbow of colors is best paired with a glass of lemonade and a slow Sunday afternoon. 

64. Vibrant Vibes

Male model standing in the turquoise jacket, cap and sunglasses against light pink background
License this image via Katya Havok.

Depart from neutral tones by incorporating punchy pastel palettes to your designs for a thrilling bang.

65. Crisp Citrus

Mixed festive colorful tropical and citrus fruit sliced with leaves over light blue tabletop
License this image via casanisa.

This combination of fruity colors makes playful, youthful, and inviting design. 

66. Hot Chili

Closeup of colorful hot chili peppers
License this image via s74.

Spice up your next design with this chili-inspired palette, perfect for a restaurant brand

67. Tea Party

Top view of two cups of healthy herbal tea with mint, cinnamon, dried rose and camomile flowers in spoons and man's hand holding spoon of honey on blue background
License this image via Foxys Forest Manufacture.

This truly tetradic color scheme combines two sets of complementary colors (blue + gold and magenta + green) that are certain to create depth and interest. 

68. Rainbow Reverie

Illustration of child holding balloons standing in front of fantasy storm
License this image via Tithi Luadthong.

Mysterious, yet mystical, worlds invite viewers to dive into the unknown. Incorporate these creatures and landscapes in your designs for an imaginative flourish.

69. Acrylic Madness

Abstract acrylic paint mix of reds, oranges, and purples
License this image via Yuri Kabantsev.

Hop on the paint-pouring trend bandwagon with this dynamic combination of pinks, purple, and gold.

70. Fresh Spring 

Flat lay fashion set with mint blue watch, sunglasses and pink purse on pastel blue, pink and rose quartz colored backgrounds
License this image via Katya Havok.

Pastel hues are known for their delicacy. These punchy pastels aren’t afraid to hide from saturation. Pack a punch in your next design with these energetic hues and backgrounds.

71. Summer Getaway

Closeup of vintage yellow car with travel gear on hood set at the beach
License this image via alphaspirit.

This primary color scheme is certain to bring back fond memories of being on the open road.

72. Bohemian Motif

Bohemian style fabric
License this image via flovie.

Digital crafts like embroidery transform a design by adding a touch of unexpected and tactile textures.

73. Coral Anemone

Coral Reef Clownfish swimming in sea anemone
License this image via Virrage Images.

Deep-sea inspiration doesn’t have to come in shades of blue or green.

74. Striking Macaw

Close up of Scarlet macaw bird feathers
License this image via Narupon Nimpaiboon.

Bright yellow, red, green, and blue are the perfect combination for youthful kid-friendly designs.

75. Spring Fling

Festival announcement over field of tulips background
License this image via LaraP_photo.

Add a hint of spring florals to any design for an immersive nature experience. Add to event flyers, posters, or social media posts.

Warm Color Combinations

Warm hues contain reds, oranges, and yellows, along with a combination of the three hues. These stimulating colors give off rays of happiness and optimism, in contrast to cool colors’ relaxing and soothing nature.

They tend to be vibrant colors, so think about using warmer tones in moderation or paired with cool hues to create a natural balance.

76. Koi Pond

Colorful fancy koi fish
License this image via SAHACHATZ.

Find your Zen with this koi-inspired combination of gold, red-orange, and neutral grays

77. Japanese Gardens

Famous Japanese temple with Autumn leaves and cherry blossoms
License this image via Moustache Girl.

Transport your viewers with this charming palette consisting of energetic olive green, orange, and pink, balanced with a deep black

78. Citrus Punch

Pattern of sliced grapefruit wheels on light orange background
License this image via Zamurovic Photography.

These blood orange hues are sure to pack a citrusy twist. Incorporate fruity palettes to sweeten your designs.

79. Mango Dream

Mango banana popsicles on ice with fresh fruits and berries
License this image via Elena Veselova.

The perfect shade of mango-yellow pairs well with a dark green to convey health and vitality.

80. Wood Fired

Fresh pizza with tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms on wooden background
License this image via Africa Studio.

Borrow this savory color scheme next time you’re branding a pizzeria.

81. Terracotta Marble

Warm colored natural marble texture background
License this image via Mariusz Szachowski.

The intricate swirls and streaks ingrained into marbles are a true natural luxury. Add a touch of unrefined elegance by integrating marbleized effects into your designs.

82. Lush & Luxurious

Female model in flowing purple gown runs through an Autumn forest
License this image via Ironika.

Plush purples and burnt oranges are the ideal combination for upscale applications.

83. Sushi Platter

Closeup of colorful sushi platter
License this image via Natalia Lisovskaya.

This seafood-themed scheme is sure to make your stomach rumble.

84. Bird in the Shadows

Tropical bearded bird on branch
License this image via mutan.

This monochromatic color scheme has a wonderful range of light-to-dark, making it practical for many designs. 

85. Rustic & Traditional

Traditional oven and cooking utensils arranged against a stone wall
License this image via Andreas G. Karelias.

If you’re looking for a timeless combination of hues with a little punch of color, this is the theme for you.

86. Butterfly Bliss

Closeup of a butterfly on flower cluster
License this image via Behling.

Create a serene and energizing mood with the warm colors from this monarch butterfly. 

87. Adventurous Reds

Backpacker traversing the Slot canyon in Grand Staircase Escalante National Park, Utah
License this image via Galyna Andrushko.

This orange, red, dusty pink, and purple combination perfectly captures the excitement of outdoor exploration

Complementary Color Combinations

As mentioned at the top of the article, complementary color schemes include tones that are opposite from one another on the color wheel. Some complements include red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple.

Their contradictory nature makes these color combinations both complex and arduous to carry out. When paired successfully, the complements create a vivid contrast that’s crucial for an effective design composition.

88. Fitness Sportswear

Model in sportwear jumping in the air against textured white wall
License this image via Alena Ozerova.

This neutral gray and smoky blue are offset by a punch of coral, which is complemented by a more subdued teal

89. Textile Dyes

Textile workshop information on top of abstract tie-dyed fabric background
License this image via Nattle.

The warm pink and peach tones really bring out the purple and blue undertones of the darker shades in this color scheme.

90. Rooftop Views

Terracotta tiled roofs with chimneys and dormer windows
License this image via Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB.

This warm complementary color scheme is a terracotta rooftop dream. 

91. Pure Produce

Hands holding big plate with different fresh farm vegetables
License this image via Yulia Grigoryeva.

This deeper, richer take on a primary color palette is perfect for a culinary twist.

92. Mediterranean Marine

Summer sale ad over a top view of a fishing boat in the sea
License this image via Mikadun.

Rich complementary hues attract viewers to your Summer Sale like *that* (imagine us snapping in an instant).

93. Juicy Fruits

Closeup of fresh colorful fruit
License this image via leonori.

Feast your eyes on this mouth-watering color scheme, reminiscent of fruit-flavored candies.

94. Rusted Gates

Old rusty gate with blue accents and spiderwebs
License this image via Magsi.

Blue takes center stage in this complementary color palette, with a rich, golden brown to provide contrast. 

95. Snow & Sunshine

Skier on snowy mountain at sunset
License this image via kovop58.

This unexpected take on a warm winter scene will make you want to hit the slopes at sunset.

96. Decorative Florals

Florist marketing design with text overlay and male florist cutting flowers in garden shop
License this image via Prostock-studio.

Inform and direct your clients to your website with a flowers-so-close-you-can-almost-smell-them look.

97. Buzzing Blooms

Yellow bird seated on cherry blossom tree
License this image via

Bright blue and yellow buzz together in this springy color scheme. 

98. Rainy Day

Women's legs in orange shoes on wet brick pavement
License this image via Cozy Home.

A pop of orange adds vibrance to the understated blue and purples, so save this theme to brighten a rainy day. 

99. Bakery Treats

Bread bakery shop with text overlay of bakery details
License this image via klom.

Alert potential customers of hourly changes or new additions to your store with a drool-worthy photo and supporting color scheme.

100. Tigers & Tundra

Majestic tiger running through the snow in a forest
License this image via Jan Stria.

Combine these colors with black and white to add drama. 

101. Aged Arrangement

Still life with tomatoes and enamel jug on wooden table
License this image via Maglara.

This antique red and green combination is kept from appearing too “Christmasy” with the inclusion of a powdery blue and warm brown. 

Now, to thank you for staying with us, we want to reward you with a huge, massive, and necessary pro tip.

Pro Tip: While knowing each hex code is extremely helpful, Create’s Eyedropper Tool is about to become your best friend. It’s designed to match any element with the same color as another element in just one click.

To use it, click the layer, graphic, or element you wish to match colors for, then click Change color. Next to the hex codes, select the Eyedropper Tool, drag it over the color you want, then click to set!

You can also create a fresh palette all your own from an inspiration photo of your choosing with Shutterstock’s color palette generator.


This way, you can make different elements cohesive without having to type in the same code over and over again.

Download FREE Swatch Files

Download these 101 FREE swatch palettes by clicking the link below. Each of these swatches is available in the RGB color profile, ideal for both online and web designs.

Swatch files allow you to quickly apply color to any design element in your document with ease. These swatch files can be opened in Adobe design programs in just a few clicks.

In other design applications, you can easily type the six-digit hex codes found on each color swatch in the palettes above.

License this cover image via Pixel-Shot.

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