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Free Cat Clipart Images for Download

FREE Cat Clipart Images for Download

Download this FREE bundle of fabulous feline friends! They bring catlike character to social media designs and purr-fect print projects.

Cat devotees will love this FREE pack of cat clipart. Use it for creative social media stickers, social stories, stationery and more! This FREE downloadable clip art bundle contains 25+ cat sticker designs. These feature a range of colorful moggies (mixed breed cats), kitten clipart, and entertaining feline accessories, such as string and a goldfish bowl.

Are you in need of black cat clipart? Do you love brightly colored kittens? It’s super easy to use and edit with these illustrations. Provided as editable vector files (Adobe Illustrator [AI] and EPS), you can recolor, mix, and match or scale your kitten clipart to create your own unique cat-themed designs.

Also included in your cat clipart bundle are PNG versions of the cat illustrations, featuring transparent backgrounds for easy application. Simply drop your cat stickers onto Instagram posts, stories, and TikTok reels for instant feline charm.

Scroll down to preview the cat clipart included in your freebie download. You can also find some inspirational ideas for how to use clip art on social media and back-to_school stationery.

Pink notebook, notepad, scissors, erasers, pencils, and other school supplies with cat clip art stickers in a flatlay on a blue surface
Why not use your free cat clip art to create cute stickers to use on back-to-school stationery? License this image via Pixel-Shot.

What’s Included in Your FREE Cat Clipart Bundle?

Inside your FREE cute cats art bundle, you’ll find 25+ cat sticker designs in a variety of bright color options. Print your stickers or drop them onto social media designs for Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Provided as editable vector files and transparent background PNG images, you’ll find everything you need to create a unique, cat-themed design!

What's included in the free cute cat clip art pack: illustrations of cats in different colors and body types with bonus images of yarn balls and goldfish bowls
With this FREE Cats Clipart Pack, you can create quirky feline designs for print and online.

FREE Cat Clipart Bundle Preview

See below to preview the cat designs included in your free downloadable bundle. Inside your download, you’ll find a range of quirky feline friends, from sleepy moggies to playful kittens.

This cat clip art bundle was created for Shutterstock by Blue Whippet Studio.

Animate your cat clip art using Shutterstock Create, or use your cute cat illustrations as quirky sticker art.

What's included in the free cute cat clip art pack: cat illustrations in different colors and body types with bonus images of yarn balls and goldfish bowls
A whole range of kooky feline friends await you in your downloadable clip art bundle.

Pick and choose your favorite designs and adjust color swatches in vector software to suit your personality and project!

Large fluffy pink and blue  grumpy cat stares at the viewer with text above it reading "I love you Mr. Fluffy"
Mr. Fluffy isn’t impressed . . . but you’ll certainly be impressed with your FREE cat clipart bundle.

Available in a range of trendy bright colors, these cat clip art designs are sure to put a smile on your face. They’re great for kids and adults alike!

cat clip art freebie free cat illustrations kittens black cat colorful cat stickers feline social media cat lover

How to Download Your FREE Cat Clipart Bundle

Simply click the button below to download your FREE Cat Clip Art Bundle. Once your ZIP file is downloaded, double-click to open your freebie.

Inside the download, you’ll find two folders containing editable vector EPS files and high-resolution PNG images. The PNG images have transparent backgrounds. This means they can be applied directly to any design.

This FREE download also includes a license document that covers the way you can use these illustrations.

By downloading this FREE bundle, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Use Your Cat Clipart

In need of some inspiration for how to use your cat clipart bundle? You can use your clipart for both print projects and digital designs, including stationery, magazine designs, social media posts, and websites. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Below are a couple of uses for the cat clipart. These are some ideas to get started with. Embellish a cute pet selfie with animated stickers (try adding simple animation effects using Shutterstock Create) for an Instagram post, Instagram story, or TikTok reel, for example.

License this photo via Milos Vucicevic.

Alternatively, why not print your cat clipart as stickers, for bringing catlike character to notebook covers, diaries, pencil cases, or event flyers? Simply print your designs onto a sheet of sticker paper, or use a sticker maker to create instant stick-able designs. This is surely the best (and cutest) way to profess your love for cats at the start of the new school term.

Pink notebook, notepad, scissors, erasers, pencils, and other school supplies with cat clip art stickers in a flatlay on a blue surface
License this image via Pixel-Shot.

Are You a Cat Person? There’s a Clipart Pack for That!

Join the likes of Taylor Swift in declaring your love for all things feline with this free cat clipart bundle. Perfect for kids’ stationery, personalized awards, or super-cute social media designs, we hope you have fun using your free cat art! Whatever you’re hoping to make, search for your project idea on Shutterstock’s library. Several beautiful vectors, templates, and images are ready for your projects.

And our subscription plans are easier-to-use than ever! With Shutterstock Flex, you’ll have all-in-one access to millions of creative assets, along with the FLEXibility you need to select the right mix for every feline-inspired project.

License this cover image via Pixel-Shot.

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