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How Computer Vision Enables Precision and Scalability in Content Moderation

Content moderation is easier, safer, and more convenient than ever. Here’s how computer vision technology benefits moderators, companies, and customers.

3 Predictions for the Future of Computer Vision

3 Predictions for the Future of Computer Vision

Computer vision is changing how we see the digital world. Here are three predictions for how it’ll continue to shape experiences in 2023.

How Shutterstock.AI and AWS are teaming up to help companies do more with computer vision

AWS Data Exchange now includes datasets from Shutterstock.AI’s 400M asset library for autonomous vehicles, ecommerce and more.

Shutterstock ConUHack Winner: Interactive Language Learning with Computer Vision

Congratulations to Dennis Cheong and Khaled Matloub for winning first…

New Shutterstock Computer Vision API Product

Shutterstock launches new computer vision API product to help developers…