Design Elements & Principles

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Great Photo Composition

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Great Photo Composition

Read the ultimate guide to photo composition with these 7 essential techniques for great photography and stock images.

Elements of Design: What Are the 7 Elements of Art?

Which elements of design are most critical to good composition? Learn about the 7 elements of art to nail your next creative project.

What Are HEX Colors and How They Work in Design

What exactly is a HEX color? Learn the definition of HEX colors, how many there really are, and discover how to use them for your designs.

All About Purple: Origin, Theory, Design Applications & Color Schemes

Purple Color Schemes, Origin, Theory, & Design Applications

Learn how to design with purple in this complete guide. From color schemes to psychological impact, it’s everything you need to know about this royal hue.

Subtle but Powerful: Using Pastel Colors in Your Designs

How Subtle Pastel Colors Can Make a Big Impact in Your Designs

Discover the historical origins, symbolism, and psychological power of pastels, and learn how to use these ethereal colors in your design projects.

Types Of Balance In Art: Examples, Designs, And Why You Need Them

Discover why balance is so important in art and design, and how you can apply the four types of balance to your own creative projects.

The Basics of Composition in Design

The Basics of Composition to Help You Create Powerful Graphic Designs

Lay the foundation for great graphic design projects by learning about these quick and easy rules for layout and composition.

Free Happy Mother's Day Cards – Printable and Digital Images

Download Free Mother’s Day Cards to Celebrate Mom!

Download five FREE Mother’s Day card templates and customize your own design that you can share both online and in-person.

gestalt theory principles of gestalt theory gestalt principles for designers design theory graphic design logos branding color theory design psychology color psychology

Gestalt Theory: 6 Essential Principles for Design

A theory of psychology that describes how humans perceive visual designs, learn why gestalt theory is vital wisdom for designers and artists.

How to Design with Brown: Color Theory, Symbolism, and On-Trend Palettes

How to Design with Brown Color Palettes: What Colors Go With Brown?

Brown is a warm and stabilizing neutral color. Pick up pro tips on how to design and decorate using the color brown in this complete guide.

How to Choose a Font That Conveys The Right Emotions

Designers use fonts to create aspirational, trustworthy, luxurious, or friendly brands. Let’s take a deeper look at font psychology.

The Ultimate Guide to the Golden Ratio for Designers

The Ultimate Guide to the Golden Ratio for Designers

Discover the origins, principles, and application of the Golden Ratio, and its use as a tool for design, layout creation, and photography.