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Purple aster flowers illustrations

Birth Month Florals: A Free Flower Clip Art Pack

Free flower clip art can help you celebrate any season! Download this clip art pack of springy daffodils, summer roses, and festive holly to customize your creative projects.

Flowers and birthdays go way back. Not only are they a nice gift to receive on your special day, but they’ve served as gifts for thousands of years. The ancient Romans were the first to celebrate birthdays. At the time, though, if it was your birthday being celebrated, you were the one required to serve cake and give gifts. Often, these gifts were flowers.

Victorians created an entire language of flowers, and lovers sent flowers to relay secret messages. And in the 18th century, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu designated a flower for each month of the year. She decided which flowers were associated with which month, using a bit of science, a touch of mythology, and some ancient folklore.

Here, we take a glimpse at each of those flowers and their meanings. Download a free flower clip art pack that includes a colorful and modern illustration of each birth month flower.

What’s Included in Your FREE Flower Clip Art Bundle?

Inside your FREE flower clip art bundle, you’ll find 12 modern flower illustrations in a variety of seasonal colors. Use them to customize personal cards or update web graphics for a seasonal spin.

Provided as editable vector files and transparent background PNG images, you’ll find everything you need to create a fresh, floral design!

How to Download Your FREE Flower Clip Art Pack

Simply click the button below to download your FREE Flower Clip Art Bundle. Once your ZIP file is downloaded, double-click to open your freebie.

Inside the download, you’ll find two folders containing editable vector EPS files and high-resolution PNG images. The PNG images have transparent backgrounds. This means they can be applied directly to any design.

This FREE download also includes a license document that covers the way you can use these illustrations.

By downloading this FREE bundle, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Explore your FREE Flower Clip Art Designs

Let’s take a look at each beautiful free flower clip art design. You can also get recommendations for complementary images in the Shutterstock image library

January: Carnation Clip Art 

The carnation (dianthus caryophyllus) was originally either pink or peach. It now comes in many different colors, even striped.

Sending a solid color carnation is a symbol of unconditional love. But be careful! A yellow carnation means rejection. Shakespeare would have been happy with either, as they were his favorite flower.

February: Violet Clip Art

Violets (viola odorata) are small but mighty, known for enduring harsh February winters. Sending a violet means “I’ll always be true.” They are sometimes known by the adorable moniker “Kiss Me at the Garden Gate.”

March: Daffodil Clip Art 

Spring brings bright yellow daffodils (narcissus pseudonarcissus). They symbolize joy and happiness. They also bear the message, “The sun shines when I’m with you!” Wordsworth himself was inspired by a daffodil to write the poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” 

Daffodils, in particular, are strong symbols of early spring. If you feel inspired to create even more springy creative projects, visit our seasonal collections page.

April: Daisy Clip Art

The daisy (bellis perennis) represents new beginnings, love, innocence, and hope. They are adored by honeybees as they are a delicious and nutritious meal. When a daisy is hidden in a bouquet, that means “I’ll never tell!” 

People all around the world love these flowers, as daisies exist on every continent but Antarctica.

May: Lily of the Valley Clip Art

The lily of the valley (convallaria majalis) is an ancient symbol of purity of heart. According to folklore, the lily of the valley was in love with a nightingale. Its love was so great, that it only bloomed when hearing the bird’s song. 

When sending a lily of the valley, you are relaying the message, “You’ve made my life complete.”

June: Rose Clip Art

The rose (rosa rubiginosa) is a symbol of perfection. And it took quite some time to achieve that perfection. The fossil of a 35 million year old rose was the oldest fossil of a flower ever discovered. 

The rose has many sweet relatives like cherries, apples, peaches, and plums. All of these fruits originate from the rose family. And a single red rose sends the message, “I love you above no other.”

July: Larkspur Clip Art

Larkspur (delphinium elatum) represents carefree summer days and the light-heartedness of youth. It creates a beautiful blue dye. Meaning “open heart,” the larkspur is the perfect message to send to a first love.

According to folklore, it can shield against lightning and ward off witches. Because of this legend, perhaps you should keep some larkspur around during the Halloween season.

August: Gladiolus Clip Art

Gladiolus (gladiolus palustris) is Latin for “little sword.” Therefore, it is no mystery that sending a gladiolus was meant to pierce the heart of the recipient. 

As the symbol of faithfulness, sincerity, and integrity, these flowers are the perfect choice as the official flower of Friendship Day.

September: Aster Clip Art

Greek for “star,” the aster (aster amellus) symbolizes love, wisdom, and faith. Be careful each morning when visiting the asters in your garden though, as folklore says that fairies sleep under their petals. 

The message you relay when sending asters may be one of the most kind of all, “Take care of yourself for me.” Sigh.

October: Marigold Clip Art

Marigolds (tagetes erecta) are considered a good luck charm and have been rumored to prevent evil from entering the home. They can be used to create yellow dye, and represent brightness and positive energy.

TPeople around the world love these flowers and what they represent. They serve as holiday decorations for both Diwali and Day of the Dead celebrations. People tend to love the warmth of marigolds, but funny enough, rabbits detest their scent. So if you’d like to protect your vegetable garden, plant a few marigolds alongside your crops.

November: Chrysanthemum Clip Art

Chrysanthemums represent joy and beauty, despite the oncoming winter months. They are also the official flower of China’s Festival of Happiness

Perfect flowers for the month that contains Thanksgiving, chrysanthemums flowers are even edible! You can use their sprouts and petals in autumnal soups and salads. They have also been said to keep away wandering ghosts. (Could it be that wandering ghosts do not care for delicious soups and salads?)

December: Holly Berry Clip Art 

Long ago, holly (ilex aquifolium) was considered magical, because it remained bright green even in the dead of winter. Displaying holly in your home can bring color and light in winter’s dark and gloom. 

Legend has it that holly’s prickly leaves, thought to symbolize protection, may also provide shelter and warmth to traveling fairies who visit your home. And you can never go wrong by protecting a traveling fairy. 

By giving a gift of holly you are sending a warm winter message of goodwill and peace.

Floral Clip Art is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Yes, flowers do make great gifts. Free flower clip art can be included in your gifts too! Including these flower clip art pieces (along with any of the fun facts you learned in this blog!) is a great way to personalize your message.

Add these gorgeous, modern flower illustrations to birthday cards, seasonal social posts, holiday greetings, and more. Whatever you’re hoping to make, search for your project idea on Shutterstock’s library. Several beautiful vectors, templates, and images are ready for your projects.

And our subscription plans are easier-to-use than ever! With Shutterstock Flex, you’ll have all-in-one access to millions of creative assets, along with the FLEXibility you need to select the right mix for every feline-inspired project.

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