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12 FREE Podcast Cover Art Backgrounds and Templates

12 FREE Podcast Cover Art Backgrounds and Templates

In this free download, you’ll receive access to 12 podcast cover templates and backgrounds to inspire your next thumbnail design.

Eye-catching design gets you noticed. In the world of podcasting, listeners glance through a vast library of podcasts. While many have an inkling as to the topic they’re interested in, the cover art is typically what reels them into giving any podcast a listen.

Because visuals have a key role in determining your audience, poorly designed podcast thumbnails can have the potential to drive away new listeners. The key to acquiring new listeners lies in the cover design itself.

A podcast’s cover often speaks for the quality of the podcast.

To help in your cover art journey, we’ve compiled 12 FREE podcast backgrounds that you can use for a multitude of podcast categories—health, wellness, business, to name a few. They’re all designed with versatility in mind.

These free backgrounds can be edited to best fit the needs of your podcast. A change of color here and there can make a world of difference for your podcast.

All you need to do is scroll down, click on the Download button, and read on to learn how to use these templates, and how to make the most out of these podcast cover backgrounds.

How to Make a Podcast

Let’s say you’re about to make your new cover art for the podcast, you already recorded your first episode or maybe even a couple episodes. What now?

Lucky for you, we’ve written extensively about this process on the blog and have you covered for every step of the way!

Below are some links with resources on everything from RSS feeds, hosting sites, promotional strategies, and gear recommendations.

Making a podcast is super-simple and can easily be done on the cheap. Check it out!

Why Do You Need Cover Art?

Before we get into the free templates, we should talk about why having visually appealing cover art is so important for the success of your podcast.

At its core, cover art is the profile picture for your podcast. It’s what shows up on their feed when you upload a new episode and acts as a visual navigator when scrolling through their subscriptions and various feeds.

The colors, shapes, and imagery choreograph the visual motif of your podcast and give listeners an immediate gut reaction for what the podcast might be like.

At the end of the day, you want to look professional so people think your podcast is “legit” if they’ve never listened to you before.

So, now that we know the importance of this pack, let’s look at what’s in the free download!

What’s Included in This Free Podcast Cover Art Pack

This free Podcast Cover Art Pack features 12 cover backgrounds in 2400 x 2400 pixel dimensions. These can be used for multiple applications, but are specifically created for podcast cover art.

In the download, you’ll receive access to 12 raster and vector backgrounds—with and without typography.

A collage of podcast cover art backgrounds
A sample of the podcast cover backgrounds that are available in the free download. All fonts included are for free and commercial use.

The background templates are available as EPS, JPG, and PNG to ensure anyone can use the Podcast Cover Art Pack in various editing or design softwares, and upload them to any podcast platform.

All you need to do is place the PNG or JPG files into an editing software—such as Shutterstock Create—add your own title and slogan, and export the design.

You can also manipulate the vector EPS files in Adobe Illustrator by changing the layout, color, effects, typography, and more.

How to Download the Free Podcast Cover Art Pack

Downloading this free Podcast Cover Art Pack is simple. Just click on the button below for directions to your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents, and you’ll see the designs in EPS, JPG, and PNG folders.

View the attached license to see how you can use the free download, and check out the coupon to apply a discount to specified orders.

By downloading this free Podcast Cover Art Pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Build Out Your Next Podcast Cover Design

Creating your podcast’s cover design isn’t as simple as slapping a font (or two) onto a background. Just like with any design, there’s more to a composition than adding text to imagery.

With the help of these free design backgrounds, you can take the guesswork out of podcast design and be on your way to an eye-catching cover in no time.

Add Text to Podcast Cover Backgrounds

If you’re set on using the podcast cover design as-is, you only need to include typography to complete the design.

But, before you drag out a text box and type away, think about the font style that resonates with your podcast. Typography is an important aspect of any design, but it’s especially crucial in a small podcast thumbnail.

Two panels side-by-side with illustrations of plants on a green background - one panel without text, the other with text
A whimsical handwriting font pairs well with quirky plant illustrations.

When selecting typefaces for your podcast cover design, it’s imperative to use fonts with a commercial license. Stick to two typefaces or less, and make sure the typography resonates with the theme of your podcast.

If you want some tips and tricks for choosing the right font (visually speaking) check out this guide:

To get started, simply upload the raster JPG or PNG formats to your preferred editing program, and incorporate a commercial use typeface.

Unlike Photoshop, Create takes the guesswork out of choosing the appropriate font for your podcast design.

Use the Type Tool in Adobe programs or activate the Text Tool in Create to incorporate text into your podcast cover design.

Manipulate Podcast Vector Designs

Another way to utilize these free podcast cover backgrounds is to edit the EPS designs in a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator. This allows you to make more adjustments to the backgrounds, such as changing the color palettes, effects, layout, and more.

To begin, simply go to the free download file and navigate to the EPS folder. Right-click on the file and open the document in Illustrator.

All of the podcast cover backgrounds are available in a single file, so you can quickly glance at the custom covers in one document.

Screenshot of typography suggestions for your podcast cover art
All of the podcast covers come with typography suggestions layered on top. Simply toggle off the top layer to remove the titles.

With the Selection Tool (V) activated, click on an artboard, then hit Command + 0 to zoom in on the selected artboard.

Maybe you’re interested in the sun rays design, but would rather opt for a warmer look. Select the background hue, head over to the Color or Swatches menus, and find the color that best matches your podcast theme.

Screenshot of mockup podcast cover in burnt orange
A simple change of color and typography can transform these versatile cover designs.

If the title is still displayed on your cover design, head up to the Layers panel and click on the eye icon to hide the title suggestion.

Use the Type Tool (T), drag out a text box, and type out your title. Bring up the Character panel to select from a library of typefaces. Before committing to a typeface, be sure it’s approved to be used in commercial projects.

Head back to the Color or Swatches menus to assign color to your title. Make some more adjustments to the layout and appearance of the vector elements with the help of the Alignment and Transparency menus.

Screenshot of two podcast cover art layouts
Transform the look of these free podcast covers with just a few adjustments.

More FREE Downloads

Fireworks light up the sky with dazzling display
Who doesn’t love freebies? We’ll keep them coming. License this image via Dana.S.

Now that you’ve downloaded and applied these templates to your collection/folder/repertoire, let’s look at some more freebies we’ve released over the years that will help you design and create better-than-ever-looking projects!

License these cover images via Shutterstock Create’s Podcast Template and dinadankers.

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