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Shutterstocks smukke invitationsskabeloner gør modtagelsen af nej til en sjældenhed. Fejr dine gæsters ja med vores gratis invitationsproducent, og start din fest lige.

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Tips and tricks for making eye-catching invitations

21 Professional Designer Tips to Make Your Own Invitations

21 Professionelle designertips til at lave dine egne invitationer

Hvad er din ideelle visuelle stil? Hvad er den bedste papirtype? Og vent, hvad handler det om størrelser igen? Alle dine DIY-invitationsspørgsmål besvares her af en professionel designer, der lever og ånder fantastiske invitationer. Tjek det ud.

Johnson's baby

Sådan oprettes et baby shower invitationskort i 5 enkle trin

Tag inspiration til dine egne baby shower invitationer med indsigt i at bruge yndige temaer, smukke skrifttyper, og letlæselige layouts.

5 Creative and Charming Birthday Invitation Ideas

5 Creative and Charming Birthday Invitation Ideas

These great birthday invitation ideas are sure to inspire you. Plus, we’ll show you how to make an invite card in a few simple steps.

How to Create DIY Wedding Invitations with Design Templates

Sådan oprettes DIY bryllupsinvitationer med designskabeloner

Er dit bryllupsland chic eller fornemme elegant? Uanset stemningen på din specielle dag viser vi dig, hvordan du opretter DIY-invitationer, der fanger udseendet og får dig og din partner til at sige: „Jeg gør.“

How to make an invitation
How to make an invitation

Say yes to the (party) dress with our free invitation maker
Say yes to the (party) dress with our free invitation maker

Make the most of your designs and feel confident in your creative direction, with Shutterstock Predict. AI discovers which images work best for your goals. Creative insights explain why they work.
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Frequently asked questions about invitations

How do I make a digital invitation?

Making digital invitations has never been easier with Create's invitation templates. Simply choose your favorite designer-crafted design to customize. Swap out the image for a personal pic or find one from our millions of stock photos to set the tone for your event. It helps to have a design concept in mind before you begin, but if you don't, get started and see what comes! Add unique graphics to sophisticate or characterize your message. Infuse funky, fun, or fancy fonts for the details. Bind it all together with colored accents, outlines, shadows, or anything else you see fit! When you're ready to send it out, download it as a PNG or JPG to ensure high resolution. You can attach it to emails, upload it directly to social, or print them out to mail. Done and done!

What size are invitations?

Invitation sizes vary depending on your personal preference, but the most common size is 4.5" x 6.25". If you prefer a larger size, go for the 5" x 7". This size works well if you'd like to include a smaller RSVP insert, which measures at 4.875" x 3.5" or less. The amount of inserts inside your invitation can inform your size preferences. The most important consideration is having enough space to mention pertinent info so guests aren't left with questions. You can utilize your home printing system with high-quality paper (including a matte or gloss), or visit a professional print shop to help you print for direct mail. Note that digital invites won't have sizing limits. Good luck!

What should I include in an invitation?

Invitations are intuitive and yet there is a soft framework you can follow to make sure you've covered your bases. First, be sure to establish the 5 Ws — you know, the who, what, when, where, and why (thanks, elementary school English). If you have any extra info, you can add dress code, gift requests, and RSVPs. Quality invitations should have a balance of text to white space, plus a distinct color scheme and leading information that lets guests anticipate the event. Put yourself in the guest's shoes to make sure they're not left with any questions. Ultimately, you'll know it feels complete when you feel good reading it. Invite away!