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Personal or promoted, Pinterest content has never looked better. Start with a Pinterest Pin template from Shutterstock Create, customize, and pin down that pinnable look.

How to make a Pinterest Pin
Sådan laver du en Pinterest-pin

Pin-worthy designs without the work
Pin-worthy designs without the work

Beautiful visual assets and creative intelligence
Smukke visuelle aktiver og kreativ intelligens

Tips og tricks til at lave iøjnefaldende Pinterest-pins

The Anatomy of Pinterest Board Design

The Anatomy of Pinterest Board Design

Create a board, add Pins, choose a board cover—rinse and repeat! Master Pinterest board design (including Pins and covers) with this no-nonsense guide.

11 Pinterest Ideas + 6 Essentials for Engaging Pin Design

11 Pinterest Ideas + 6 Essentials for Engaging Pin Design

In an endless feed with millions of Pins, only the best will stop the scroll. Learn how to create compelling Pinterest designs and get more clicks.

9 Pinterest Worthy Poster Design Ideas

Your Guide to Pinnable Poster Design Ideas

Learn how to come up with your own poster design ideas and see the process of bringing your idea to life in an online image editing tool.

How to Create Pinterest-Worthy Recipes

How to Create Pinterest-Worthy Recipes

Good recipes equal good food blog. Learn how graphics, photography, and SEO also play a role in creating truly Pinterest-worthy recipes.

Ofte stillede spørgsmål om Pinterest-pins

How do I create an Idea Pin in Pinterest?

To create an Idea Pin, you must be a "Creator," which is Pinterest lingo for having a business account. The ability to create an Idea Pin is also restricted by location and may or may not be available in your country (although all Pinterest users worldwide can at least view Idea Pins). If Idea Pins are available to you, you'll find them by clicking Create and then Create Idea Pin. From here, you have tons of ways to build out your Pin, including Idea Pin exclusives like video recording, voice recording, or background music. Pinterest's mobile app is a great way to create an Idea Pin because you can directly record, edit, and upload videos to the platform.

Hvordan fastgør jeg på Pinterest?

Som personlig bruger, der er to måder at fastgøre på Pinterest på. Du kan downloade Pinterest-browserknappen for hurtigt at fastgøre ethvert billede, du støder på online, eller du kan oprette en original pin ved at uploade dit eget billede eller din video til din egen opslagstavle. Hvis du er en Pinterest-virksomhedsbruger, er sidstnævnte din go-to-metode (som Pinterest kalder „opbygning af en pin“ til virksomhedskonti). Alt, hvad du fastgør, placeres på et bord efter eget valg, og du kan altid oprette nye tavler, mens du går videre.

How do I make a product Pin on Pinterest?

Product Pins are a type of "rich pin," which pull data automatically from a third party (like your website) and display it directly within Pinterest. To display your website products as Product Pins, you'll simply add a bit of markup code to the header of the website pages on which your products live. Some knowledge of code may be helpful here, but it really just involves copy-pasting—so it isn't too scary. After you've added Pinterest's code to your website, you'll run Pinterest's rich pin validator to confirm the set-up. Even better news for Shopify users: you can skip the copy-paste step and go straight to the rich pin validator.