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PixelSquid 3D Objects: Effortlessly Enhance 2D Designs

Discover PixelSquid 3D Objects on Shutterstock: a 2D Designer’s Secret Tool

Shutterstock users can now easily add depth, dimension, and dynamism to any 2D design using 3D objects (no experience required.)

We’re excited to announce that PixelSquid by Shutterstock is making it easier than ever for 2D designers to add depth, realism, and an unparalleled level of immersive storytelling to their projects – without any knowledge of 3D design software!

In the exciting world of creative design, artists are going beyond the ordinary and exploring new ways to add impact to their designs. Enter PixelSquid, a truly unique type of rotatable 3D object that’s designed specifically for use by 2D graphic designers using traditional image editing tools and even casual business users.

PixelSquid’s library of more than 245,000 high-quality, pre-rendered 3D objects will bring the magic of 3D to your 2D creative workflows.

Are you ready to take your visuals to the next dimension? We spoke with Paul Teall, VP of 3D Strategy & Operations at Shutterstock, to dive into all the details around the launch of our newest 3D object marketplace. New to 3D myself, Paul gave me a clear, beginner-friendly guide to the key terms and concepts.

2D astronaut in an orange spacesuit above a blue planet and star field in an editing program

Demystifying 3D design jargon

From blockbusters like Jurassic Park to mesmerizing video games, VR, and architecture, 3D has played a pivotal role in some of our favorite creative projects. But now, thanks to PixelSquid, even traditional 2D designers can harness the visual magic of 3D without the complexities.

Before we move ahead, let’s define a few terms in plain language.

What is 3D modeling?

Think of it as digital sculpting, creating objects in a virtual space. While tools like 3ds Max and Blender help create these models, with PixelSquid, there’s no need to dive into complex software.

What is 3D rendering? 

Imagine taking a photo of a digital sculpture with the perfect lighting. That’s rendering. It turns the 3D sculpture into a 2D image.

What is a PixelSquid 3D object?

These are like snapshots of those digital sculptures from various angles. Choose the angle that best suits your design, download the image, and seamlessly integrate it into your work. You get a touch of 3D magic without delving deep into 3D software.

Confused? No worries! With PixelSquid, you get the power of 3D without the learning curve. Simply select the angle you want, download, and see your designs come alive.

What is PixelSquid?

TurboSquid, a 3D model market and a Shutterstock company, launched PixelSquid in 2016 to expand access to the rapidly growing 3D world. “TurboSquid’s marketplace sells to people that are deeply knowledgeable about 3D models, but the number of people in the world who know how to use 3D is relatively small. On the other hand, a much bigger group of people are familiar with Photoshop and simply need 3D elements to add to their designs,” explains Teall. 

Teall continues:

Our goal was to create an experience where designers without 3D experience or 3D applications could easily experiment with 3D. With PixelSquid, anyone can download an image and access a whopping 225 different angles to work with—that’s where the magic happens.

PixelSquid’s 3D object library takes the hard work out of creating realistic 3D art, freeing creatives to focus solely on finding the perfect element for their needs. Like any other image in Shutterstock’s library, artists can download 3D objects using one of our on-demand packs or subscription plans and start creating immediately. 

Ready for a quick demonstration? Let’s explore just how effortlessly you can use PixelSquid 3D objects to jazz up your social posts with standout designs.

Step One: Find a 3D Object on Shutterstock

PixelSquid search results for the term "astronaut"

Step Two: Rotate the 3D Object to the Perfect Angle

PixelSquid turnaround of an astronaut in an orange spacesuit

Step Three: Import to Your Favorite Design Tool and Start Creating

3D astronaut object used on a poster design

Import transparent PNG images into Shutterstock Creative Flow to create and publish stand-out social media. 

A Wealth of 3D Assets for 2D Design

PixelSquid is home to an extensive collection of carefully curated 3D objects designed to elevate your creative work to new heights. From furniture and vehicles to dinosaurs, technology items, and beyond, our diverse collection ensures that you will find the perfect asset for any project.

Teall explains:

Because it’s 3D, you aren’t limited to just the things you can photograph. You can access effects or images that might be hard to capture in real life, especially as an isolated object.

Here are just a few ways PixelSquid enhances various aspects of 2D design projects.

More Than 245,000 High-Quality, Pre-rendered 3D Objects

Dive into a diverse collection that spans everything from everyday items like coffee cups and pens to specialized assets like vintage cars, botanical elements, and futuristic gadgets. Whether you’re designing a serene cafe scene or a dynamic sci-fi poster, find the perfect 3D object to elevate your composition.

PixelSquid's object collections presented in a series of 3D digital dioramas

Almost 250K objects in our library means you can elevate your design for any need. 

Easy Integration and Customization

PixelSquid’s 3D objects are meticulously rendered from 225 angles and can be downloaded as transparent PNG files (with or without shadows) or even as a Photoshop-layered PSD file when you need more precision and control to customize color, lighting, shadows, material surfaces, and more. The rich layering embedded in our PSD helps any 2D graphic designer with no 3D experience massively accelerate their workflows to create eye-popping visuals that help content stand out from the crowd.

3D astronaut object edited to have pink spacesuit instead of orange

A 2D graphic designer with no 3D experience can import the layered PSD file into Photoshop to massively accelerate compositing workflows.

Seamless Licensing and Indemnification

One license for a PixelSquid 3D object grants you access to all its angles, allowing you to re-download additional angles at no extra cost, one angle at a time. Moreover, our 3D objects enjoy the same indemnification as standard stock images, according to your existing Shutterstock agreement.

Empowering Every Creative Vision

Our 3D object library is sourced from actual 3D models, but you don’t need to be a 3D expert to use them.

“PixelSquid is for anyone using stock content who wants to explore another unique design element. We’ve lowered the barrier to entry to 3D to open up creative possibilities and give artists and designers more control over the assets they are downloading,” says Teall.

PixelSquid is tailor-made for creators across all industries and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a passionate hobbyist, or a content creator seeking engaging visuals, our user-friendly platform caters to your unique needs.

Teall adds:

The marketplace has something for everyone, whether they’re building a PowerPoint or a video game. There’s no need for special software or design tools—if the program can open a PNG, they can use PixelSquid 3D objects.

PixelSquid: Elevate Your Projects with Ease

Embrace the future of visual storytelling by incorporating PixelSquid into your creative workflow. Ready to see what PixelSquid can do? Click the button below to explore the marketplace, or read our FAQs to learn more.

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