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Travel brochure templates

Shutterstock's travel brochure templates are here to take you anywhere! Travel the globe straight from your seat with our easy-to-use design tools.

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How to make a travel brochure

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Travel brochure templates that bring the world to you

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Beautiful visual assets and creative intelligence

Tips and tricks for making eye-catching travel brochures

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20 Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Next Design

No two travel brochures have to be the same. Learn how to balance text, graphics, images, color schemes, infographics, and historical timelines all in the same place with this comprehensive guide.

How to Make Your Own DIY Greeting Cards

How to Make a Brochure

Learn the ins-and-outs of making any type of brochure for any reason, using Create's powerful and simple design tools. We cover the full spectrum of brochure design in this step-by-step tutorial.

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What to Include in Your Company Brochure

Struggling to decide on what to put in your business's brochure? Get the details on what to include from most important to "Eh, if you have extra space." We cover it all piece by piece.

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In a world of endless options, brochures are no different. Take a look at these six brochure types and let us help you decide which one to use for your company.

Frequently asked questions about travel brochures

What's the difference between a pamphlet and a brochure?

Honestly, brochures and pamphletes are essentially the same. You say tomay-to, we say tomah-to. Like brochures, pamphlets can also be bifolds, trifolds, or z-folds. So however you label them is entirely up to you. If they had to be distinguished, their main differences rest in the environments they're found. For example, pamphlets are more likely used for non-commercial reasons. They might be found in the lobby of a medical office, detailing the benefits of vitamin C for human health. Brochures, on the otherhand, are more likely used for advertising purposes that may lead to incentivized sales. Also, pamphlets typically have less pages than brochures, which makes sense given the education versus advertising motives. Consider the purpose for your creation and you'll make the right choice from there. Carry on!

How do I fold a brochure?

How you fold a brochure depends on the type of brochure you make! Do you have a trifold, bifold, or z-fold? Bifold brochures fold in half like a book. Easy enough, eh? Trifold brochures fold into thirds, of course, so you'll fold the right side into the left (going horizontally) like an accordion. Z-folds literally make a "Z" shape, so they open in the opposite direction they close. Note that trifolds and z-folds don't have to be folded equally, though most brochure creators do so.

How do I print a brochure?

You have two main options for printing a brochure. Numero uno: print it yourself! If you do, you'll want to use a high-quality paper (with a matte or gloss) so that it holds up better than your average printing paper. Printing at home will be more cost-effective than a print shop, but certainly you want to feel comfortable with your printing process to protect your hard work. If you're printing hundreds to thousands of designs, printing shops can do so quickly. Since at-home printers are less exact, beware the edges of your creation so they don't get cut off. To be safe, leave 1/8" on each side to account for bleed space.