How to Post a Video on Instagram from Mobile and PC

How to Upload Instagram Reels from PC, Mac, or Mobile Phones

Learn how to upload your professionally-edited videos to Instagram from a desktop computer and mobile device with this simple tutorial.

The Create Fund: An Interview with Omid Razavi

Photographer and filmmaker Omid Razavi discusses his artistic path—and past—delving into his intimate relationship with art.

Wolf Entertainment Teams with Pond5 to Transport Fans of NBCUniversal’s FBI: International Across Borders

Discover the partnership between Wolf Entertainment and Pond5 as they join forces to bring the thrilling world of FBI: International to life through the use of stock footage.

13 FREE Custom LUTs for Log Footage

48 FREE Custom LUTs for Log Footage

These LUTs were made with care to give your shots the stylized look you’re after. Download them now for FREE.

13 FREE Forest HDRI Environment Maps - 100% FREE from Shutterstock

3 FREE Forest HDRI Environment Maps—100% FREE from Shutterstock

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How the Creators of ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Won Big with Pond5 Stock Footage

How the Creators of ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Pushed Visual Boundaries with Pond5 Stock Footage

When A24 decided to take viewers through a dazzling multiverse, they trusted Pond5’s stock footage to help shape the visual style.

How Catchlights Can Change a Close-Up

How do we convey an emotion or feeling from a character without changing the overall mood of the scene? Some subtle eye light may help!

Why RGB Lights Are So Important for Filmmaking

The versatility of RGB lighting technology is unmatched, and it…

How to Reach and Comfort Younger Generations with Long-Form Video

How to Reach Younger Generations with Long-Form Video

While TikTok is all the rage, long-form video is also popular. Here’s how to reach Millennial and Gen Z consumers with long, engaging videos. 

5 Projects That Can Benefit Most from A+E Editorial Video

5 Projects That Can Benefit Most from A+E Editorial Video

Let’s take a look at 5 styles of content that can benefit most from using editorial video. And how to incorporate them in your next project.

Movie Magic: 4 Ways To Use Film Color Palettes To Transform Your Work

Movie Magic: 4 Ways to Use Film Color Palettes to Transform Your Work

Create engaging color palettes with these film examples for your next photography, film, graphic design, or art project.

Audio Tips: How to Make Your Videos Sound Great

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few tips and tricks for getting fantastic sounding audio in your upcoming video projects.